Hunan Guani Pigment CO.,LTD is a professional Iron-based pigment company with manufacture,processing and research.Guani has fixed assets 120 million yuan,over 200 employees,with annual capacity of 40,000 tons,and annual output value about 250 million yuan.It has some serious products,including iron oxide red,iron oxide yellow,iron oxide black,iron oxide green,heat resisting,hyperfine and mixed dues.
"Guani"is a well-known pigment brand in home and abroad,widely used in coating,printing ink,building material,ceramic,rubber,plastic,electronic equipment,polishing,heterogeneous catalysis,magnetic memory material industries.Guani Pigment CO.,LTD accrue a gratifuing achievement,has won the confidence of the users and the support and trast from customers widely and has enhanced the comprehensive enterprise comprtitive edge with high product quality.【more】

Main Products:
  • Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend

    Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend of the future environmental Full inorganic mineral coatings referred inorganic coatings, widely used in architecture, painting and so on. Inorganic coating binder materials are often dir...

  • Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend

    Building materials industry as a series of important application areas of chemical products paint, plastic profiles, flame retardant, insulation materials, waterproofing materials, both symbiotic relationship is deepening mutual...

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